Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Clean Sweep saves the day!

I've been worrying about how I'm going to survive camping while hiking the Inca Trail. I came up with the solution to get around the not being able to shower for 4 days problem by picking up a tube of Wet Ones - with Vitamin E and Aloe, even! - last week. And I figure I can get over the greasy-hair problem that comes with not being able to wash my hair by pulling it back in a ponytail.

But what's perplexed me was how I'd survive without my daily toilette, which involves the usual cleanse, moisturize and make-up. The prospect of not being able to see to the "Princess-y" process of washing my face and applying my creams day and night was actually causing me a low-grade level of stress.

I could get away without the latter - I ususally go sans maquillage on weekends save for a sweep of Benetint on my cheeks for some colour anyway - but not being able to wash my face? That thought sort of freaks me out because I'm vain.

Yup. There. I said it. I am vain.

Since access to running water on the Inca Trail is pretty freakin' scarce, I have these visions of my pores getting all clogged up from sunscreen and sweat and all sorts of other icky stuff and I'll end up with pictures of me at Machu Picchu with one, if not two big fat zits on my face.

But the answer came to me this afternoon: cleansing and make-up removing towelettes!

I don't know why I was so slow to connect the dots from the Wet Ones to the many different brands and products availably. Like, DUH!! So I hopped onto Make-Up Alley to read some product reviews and settled on Pond's Clean Sweep, which cleanses and removes make-up without any water - so I can bring my Benetint after all!!

All this nonsense is to say that I think I'm ready for Peru.

My flight is around 5pm so I'm leaving the office around noon - it should be a full morning as our office is moving to a brand new location downtown so I have to pack up my desk, I have a one-hour meeting scheduled from 10-11am, and I also have to meet with my SVP at some point too. My plan once home is to have lunch with my mother, and finish packing - all that's left is the toiletries - before wL's dad picks me up to drive us to the airport.

So, ready or not, Machu Picchu, here I come!


The Lone Beader said...

Isn't it great that they make all these convenient products, now?? :)

applevenusian said...

I recommend Comodynes facial wipes, too. My skin is sensitive and prone to breakouts and these wipes are very gentle.

Have a marvelous time in Peru! So very very jealous!!! :)

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