Saturday, June 26, 2010


I got a piece of mail from Rogers, my cable and internet provider this week announcing changes to their cable pricing.  Normally I just toss these into my recycling but I've been reading Money Sense so fiscal responsibility is top of mind.  I thought about the TV that I actually watch - none of which lately include the specialty channels I've been paying a premium for so I called and downgraded my package, which saved me $30 a month.

Next on my list was my internet usage. I've been paying for 60GB of usage a month when my history for the last 6 months shows an average of about 5GB per month.  Stupid, right?  I'm actually rather annoyed at myself for throwing my money away but no more! The 20 minutes I just spent on the phone with the customer service rep will save me almost $500 a year!  So, yay for saving money!


LifeBegins@Thirty said...

Good for you!! Our most frustrating expenses are tv/internet/phone. Seriously. Our internet is WAY slower than they promise, our tv is crazy expensive and we don't even get HBO or anything, and we never use our phone. Gah. We should 'rationalize' too!!

Designwali said...

just found your blog and enjoy it. I rationalize with Rogers every 3 every time.

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