Sunday, January 24, 2010

WIP: Gallery Wall

The photos I ordered through Kodak Gallery to be picked up at Best Buy a couple weeks ago were ready for pick-up Wednesday and it's then that I realized I had ordered some of them in the wrong size. Why I didn't just read the measurements on the frame I don't know. It was a stupid mistake that I thought would cost me another 10 days but turned out to be no biggie because I was able to have them printed again by Costco, with a turn-around time of less than 24 hours!! Talk about efficient!

I had another pleasant surprise in finding Off the Wall, which I've walked by countless times on Queen West without really noticing, to get a mat cut for a c. 1905 print of the Northern and Southern Constellations I'd picked up at the South Bank Book Market in London last Spring. I had gone to De Serres first where I had previous mats cut but the framer happened to be off yesterday so I walked away disappointed towards Urban Barn where I wanted to pick up the this birdseye wallhook (yes, more birds!) Anyway, I looked into the window and noticed the mat samples on the counter and inquired and found that their pricing was far more competitive. And the bonus? My order would be ready for next-day pick-up! I did a happy dance in my head when I heard that! :)

So here's the before, with the newsprint I'd taped on the wall for a potential layout:

As you can see from the WIP After, I didn't follow it:

I'm really happy with how the mix of photos and art is turning out. I need to go back to Ikea to get the 5-print Ribba frame once the black one's in appears to be sold out at the Etobicoke and North York locations and I'm not willing to trek all the way up to their Vaughn location just for a frame.

I've been browsing etsy for more prints and am contemplating the following, not necessarily for this gallery wall:

Sweet Berry Bird by Cafe Baudelaire
Moon Rocks by Bon a Tirer Fine Art Editions
Fantail Birds by Sugarloop
Winsor Yellow II by Laura Su
Papillons Bleus by The Nebulous Kingdom

I'm going to let things stew for a bit before making any decisions.

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