Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Oh Yoga!

I went to my first yoga class in over 4 months tonight and remembered how much I used to enjoy it. The hiatus began after I started personal training but I decided it was time to get back into it so I re-scheduled my training during the week. I have to say that the strength training has made a difference. My chest and arms are much stronger now and I'm able to maintain a proper chaturanga pose during the sun salutation series.

I've also noticed that my yoga pants are looser, which means I'll have to go shopping for new ones. I love Roots' Mantra pant - half the price of Lululemons and a better fit for my curves. A bummer on the one hand because I want to rein in my spending but "yay" on the other because I've slimmed down!

The other buy I've got my eye on is this Lululemon yoga bag with room enough for my clothes and my mat. The one thing I didn't miss about yoga is how I turn into a complete bag lady. I walked to work with 4 bags today - my purse, my mat bag, my gym bag with my change of clothes, and the bag with my work papers - which is cumbersome at the end of the day because I usually head out for dinner after class with AL and there often isn't enough room in/around the table for all my many bags. It's time to consolidate!


unitb612 said...

I've been telling myself I'd try out yoga for the past few months! I even purchased a passport to prana and rationalized away my unnecessary trip to Lululemon for a new top, mat, and they just stare at me from the corner of my kitchen and induce guilt :( I'm going to try out Octopus Garden first as they've got an intro Saturday class. Do you recommend any particular studio?

phoenix said...

I've actually never gone to a class at a studio before so can't say! I'm a member at Goodlife and have just gone there. I do know what you mean about the rationalization though! I do it ALLLLL the time! :)

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