Saturday, January 30, 2010

Grey, White and Blue

I have a superstitious Chinese mother who reads up on Chinese astrology and she told me that in this upcoming year of the Dog, my lucky colours as a Dragon are grey, white and blue. It was funny how it came up, too, because I was home on a weekend that I had planned a trip to Ikea and she told me I should pick up the blue and white floral bedlinens I liked because they were in my lucky colours.So I did. I thought they were superfluous when I first saw them in store so didn't buy them but since they're in my lucky colours, well, then that's OK. :)

Anyway, I started this blog to share with you my new purchases! I went to Anthropologie this afternoon in the hopes of finding either of the yellow bags I've had my eye on but alas, they're not available yet (if ever) in stores here. I didn't leave empty-handed though! I came away with these two tops which I can't wait to wear!

Pratia Tank & Percussive Cardigan

Incidentally, the textured flowers of the tank remind me of Etsy seller Sarah & Bendrix's delightful framed pictures:

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