Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Summer! Furniture!

Thanks to Wanderluster's tip, I hurried on over to the Ikea website and stumbled upon their outdoor furniture line - it's filed under Summer if you click on the link for All Departments! And HELLO, jackpot!

I had in mind a modular set similar to Nuevo Living's Cubit line which, guess what, Ikea has too! It's called Arholma!!

Here're some of my favs:

Ikea outdoor favs
Ikea outdoor favs - by phoenixc on Polyvore.com


Things That Inspire said...

Very, very timely - if you saw my post, you will see that my screened in porch is completely empty. We had our deck fixed up (lots of rotted wood), and I threw away the old furniture for the screened in part as it was unraveling and the dog (when he was a puppy) was not kind to it. I am looking for a super inexpensive replacement...will definitely check out Ikea! Thanks.

le petit me said...

really liking the wooden bench!

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