Sunday, December 21, 2008

Weekend Update

wL called yesterday afternoon to say it only just occurred to him that it's the last weekend before Christmas and he hadn't bought any of his gifts, so would I mind going shopping with him. So off to the Eaton Centre we went to battle the hordes.

I bought my gifts at Roots and spent the rest of the afternoon playing personal stylist to wL, a surprise treat. He's lost a lot of weight in the last 6 months and I have to say that I much prefer him with a more weight on - not to say he was overweight - since he looks manorexic.

Anyway, we left the mall around 7:30 and made our way through Chinatown to pick up a few groceries to make dinner together back at my place. It was all so easy, comfortable and domestic that it made me a bit sad that things didn't work out between us earlier this year. I wonder if he thought the same? Que sera sera.

Today was a bummy day. I managed to sleep in until 10:30 despite the bright sun and puttered around at home before heading out for my massage in the afternoon. A hot bath awaits...not a bad way to spend one of the last weekends of the year.

1 comment:

joyce said...

Ooo personal stylist! That's a good sign. That's always fun isn't it. I was at Eaton Centre that weekend as well. It started out well but it got packed pretty quickly despite the weather.

A massage sounds good right about now..

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