Monday, December 08, 2008

Mission: Execute Dining

I had some friends over a couple weeks ago for a holiday brunch/housewarming and received a copy of Apartment Therapy Presents as a gift. I read it in a week and was taken by this image from Marilyn and Peter's Home Studio:

It's Ikea's Docksta with a glass top and I haven't been able to stop thinking about it. I'm pretty much over the fact that it's a cheap knock-off. What's been holding me back is that it's only 41" in diameter compared to the 48" unlicensed version of the Saarinen Tulip I've been eyeing and tight for 6.

But A brought up a good point over lunch today: how often will I really seat 6 at my table? So here's my brainstorm: The Docksta with a tempered glass top with 4 of Nuevo Living's Rudi, a play on Bertoia's side chair, but without the wire:

They're light and airy and don't take up much visual space since they're clear. And for when I have a couple more guests, the Lucid Crystal folding chair from Urban Barn, which can be tucked away in my study for all the times they're not needed:

The best part of this solution is that the entire set as I've envisioned it is well less then what it would have cost me just for the marble-topped Tulip! Fantastic!

Now I just need to execute!


joyce said...

The Ikea knock-off looks great with the glass top! Great find. I can't wait to see the execution. :) And I do like the Bertoia chairs - I was contemplating those for bar stools but I'm not really sure..

SweDaisy said...

Great High Low story. I've been reading this months Style at Home issue. All about High priced looks for Low actual prices. I think the Ikea table will substitute just fine.

take care,

mo said...

We await the result.

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