Monday, August 01, 2011

20 hrs and counting...

I'm tapping out this particular post from Beijing International where I'm waiting at gate E12 for my 5:05pm flight to Bangkok.* I've been up now for over 20 hours and am definitely feeling it - i.e. I'm cranky and impatient.
Despite the grumps, Chingrish never fails to make me smile.
My plan to stay up the 12hr flight from Toronto worked as planned - I watched Morning Glory, Temple Grandin, Just Go With It, and the documentary about NYT style photographer Bill Cunningham which I highly recommend if you come across it.

I was rather hungry and in my sleep-deprived, cranky state, I was craving the familiar like McDonald's or Starbucks, neither of which I was able to find. How is that possible?? You've got the high-brow designer names like Burberry, Chopard and Ferragamo but tall-non-fat-no-foam-extra-hot-lattes are MIA? Instead of settling for fast food Chinese and Beijing sushi, I opted to mix one of my protein meal replacement shakes. Not what I wanted but really the path of least resistance.

Flight is supposed to start boarding in 4 mins...can't wait to finally get to Bangkok where I can meet my friend, have a late din and get some real sleep! Fingers crossed for no jetlag!!

* Don't have the brain power to figure out whether there's free wifi here...can't seem to get it to work if it is so when this actually posted I'll be in Bangkok where my hotel has free wifi.

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