Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Wedding

My sister got married on Friday, which also happened to be my 34th birthday.  I didn't have time for my usual somewhat-moody and self-indulgent "what have I done with my life in the past year" reflection since I was too busy with preparing for the wedding, dealing with family and all the fun drama that comes with the extended family of soon-to-be-in-laws.

There was a relaxing day at the spa Thursday morning/afternoon, the rehearsal, followed by the dinner, and then the set-up of the room.  Remember the faux cherry blossoms and orchids I picked up in Chinatown?  Here they are the night before the big day:

You can't really tell in the photo but the tall vases are flanked by shorter ones with a faux cymbidium orchid at the bottom. These were filled with water and a floating candle. There were also 6 votives atop the mirrored square so with the lights down, there was a lovely glow from the candlelight - and everyone looks better in candlelight! I was off taking photos with the bridal party so don't have any photos of the vision realized.  It looked lovely though!

These urns sat atop Roman-esque pillars that framed the happy couple as they took their vows.  We re-purposed them after the ceremony for the guest book and you can see too our bouquets on the table, which turned out quite nicely thanks to Blossoms 'n Such in Parksville.

And then the cake - M was all for the cherry blossom design which wasn't exactly as in the photo sent but close enough that they were very happy with it.  There's a layer each of chocolate and vanilla with a fake layer on the bottom since they had their heart set on a 3-tier cake.

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