Sunday, April 04, 2010

Long Weekend Update!

It was the Easter long weekend and I'm happy to report that I didn't get up to much. It was a short work week with Good Friday off but it seemed like the longest short week ever because I was in meetings for, oh, something like 80% of the time.

The problem with meetings is that there's usually work that comes out of them but because I'm not at my desk to do the work during the day, I have to be there later to do it. Incidentally, my trainer was stricken with the stomach flu all week so going to the gym didn't conflict with work.

Anyway, I spent Friday with my family. It was Qing Ming this weekend so we went to visit my father's grave. After dim sum, I stayed in and watched Season 2 of Bones on DVD while browsing new condo development websites for my brother who is thinking about getting into the real estate market.

Saturday was another day spent loafing. I made it out for a 6.5K run in the morning down by the waterfront after being woken up by my aunt and couldn't get myself to head out again despite the good weather. Typically I'd head out for a stroll along Queen West to browse the shops but since my preliminary tax prep suggests that I actually OWE money this year, I decided to avoid temptation altogether and stay in to watch some more Bones. So begins my spending fast...

Today? Dim sum with my aunt and cousins, grocery shopping with my mom, and then home to chill and prepare for the work week ahead.

I lead quite the exciting life, right?

Here's a pic my sister posted to FB yesterday of Piglet "reading" a book to herself. She never, ever fails to make my smile. I love her chubby little feet. :)

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