Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Finding my rhythm

I've started running outside again in preparation for the Sporting Life 10K held annually on the first Sunday of May. The weather has been fantastic this week and I've done pretty well for myself considering the longest distance I've run is maybe 3K on the treadmill after my workout, which is entirely different from running outside.

The Martin Goodman Trail is my usual haunt as it's 10 minutes from my doorstep. And you know what I've noticed during my last couple runs - both of which have been just over 4+ miles? During the first half of my run heading west, I'm prone to stitches and have to walk a bit since I seem to always be running against the wind. But on my return, with the wind at my back, I'm able to run pretty much non-stop save for the odd traffic light near the end. Weird right? Why is that? I mean, the wind doesn't always blow east right? So why is it that I'm always running against it?

I wonder if the stitches show up at the start because I'm still trying to figure out my pacing and by the time I'm ready to double-back home, I've got my rhythm down and am able to run back comfortably without any real pause. I'll have to see how this running season unfolds...

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