Friday, October 03, 2008

Knickers on the Wall

The original ink and acrylic prints I picked up a few weekends ago are finally framed and hung in my bathroom thanks to my friend, N, who's moved back for good after living 9+ years in the US. They're so adorable I can't help but stand and stare at them with a silly grin on my face. :)

I would have had these cuties up sooner but because they were already matted in 8x8 white, I had to order the size especially online through - my Ikea stand-by, Ribba, was the wrong dimension and I wasn't about to pay to have them matted again when the quality of the existing matte was so good.

1 comment:

sidewise said...

Your bathroom is gorgeous!

I noticed from your run that you're in the Richmond area. My coworker who lives in that corner told me recently that you can buy a Starbucks gift card ($5) and have free use of their Wi-Fi everyday for 2 hours - using the one card! Thought it was a handy tip. :)

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