Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Making the Classic Sexy

I haven't always been a fan of Burberry. When I was younger, I found their check pattern "old lady" but I've since come around and can count 2 pieces in my collection, both classics: the quilted jacket and more recently, their 3/4 trench I love it so much!

Anyway, I signed up for their email list with my first purchase at their outlet in PA a few years ago and their latest campaign touting their "nude" collection landed in my inbox:

Granted, there are some pretty fantastic re-imaginings of their trench, in particular this gorgeous lace version.  I mean, HELLO! Will you please come home with me?

Seriously though, Nude = Beige.  I get it, Burberry, you want to make it sexy! and young! and appealing!  But really. I thought you were better than that.

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