Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A Girl's POV

wL and I went for a run yesterday at the gym and it was when I dropped him off at home that he mentioned that he had decided it was time for him to buy a new suit. So I told him that I wanted to be there when he went shopping for this new suit - I like playing personal stylist, and have gone shopping with him before. Apparently he'd promised to go with a co-worker, but invited me along as well. Who wants to be the tag-along girl friend giving style advice?

Anyway, it turned out that she couldn't go with him after all so I went with him for the pre-buy at Harry Rosen and found him a great Hugo Boss suit, which he didn't buy tonight because he had promised his co-workers(!) that he'd buy it with them. Yes, that's right, after spending an hour with the lovely sales guy trying on a few suits before deciding on the right one, he asked to put it on hold to buy the next day so his 2 female co-workers, who he'd promised could be there for the sale, could take part in the decision making.

I admire wL's sense of honour? principles? but I don't think I would have done the same...but then again, I'm a girl and can make my own shopping decisions.

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